Wednesday, 19 February 2014

long time no see

my lord a lot has happened in the last 12 months.
I have moved house all 270 miles to Southampton.
I have not had a proper game of Warhammer in over 8 months and swear I have forgotten all the rules.
but in the time I have been able to really get to grips with the painting aspect of Warhammer, I have painted all of my eldar army now and am very pleased with the results.
I have a job! which is great I can now fund my war gaming needs and have found a small independent Wargames store 5 mins from my college!
The biggest change however is the army I play, after 4 years of playing Space Elves I have decided to go for an army that follows the Eldar's advanced technology but there expanding empire is something even the Imperium fears, the Tau.
So far I have around 750 points which includes a commander, fire warriors, pathfinders, a piranha and a hammerhead/skyray.
I will be attempting to post more regularly now but i am now in the middle of revision for A-levels and so don't expect much. when i do post i will hope to post about the development of my tau and post new batreps on you tube.
thanks guys.

Friday, 14 June 2013

First battle with the new codex

apologies for the time taken to write up but have been having exams and so all my time has been focused on revision

After pouring over the codex in my room for a couple of hours I rose from my pit to have a game
Orks Vs Eldar - 600pts
It does sound like a small game but I wanted to try out my old list with the new codex although I did make some small alterations.
(The only painted model in the Ork  army)

Farseer with singing spear

10x Dire avengers, no exarch

10x guardians with scatter lazer

Wraithlord with duel flamers and ghostglaive

Vaul's Wrath Support Battery with shadow weaver

Aegis defense line with quad gun


Warboss with bosspole, powerklaw, eavy armor and a cyborg body

3x Nobs with eavy armor and big choppas

2x 10 boys with 1 big shoota and a nob with eavy armor, bosspole and big choppa

trukk with big shoota, reinforced ram and grot riggers

3x deffcoptas with rokkets

Setup and Deployment
We both roll and Eldar deploy first, the mission is purge the alien.
My Farseer generates the powers Guide, Fortune and Eldrich storm.
I set up as far away from the Orks as I can so not to get caught up in the assault, everybody is behind the defense line apart from my wraithlord who wants to get up and into combat.
Orks deploy on the other side of the board as close to me as they can, although small in number a squad of boys can do a lot of damage.
Orks win the roll off to go first and Eldar fail to steal the initiative and the coptas make some scout moves.

Turn 1-Orks
Well in traditional Ork fashion they all move up and run as well as the trukk turbo boosting although the coptas take some pot shots at the wraithlord and manage to take a wound off with the AP3 missiles and he fails his 6+ cover saves.

Turn 1-Eldar
for the first time in a long, long time I rolled 2 dice when making a psychic test but i still passed, my luck holding for now.
everybody stays where they are apart from the wraithlord who moves up.

The Farseer fires the quad gun at the trukk, taking all hull points away and it explodes on the ramshackle chart, taking 1 wound off the nob inside.
the shadow weaver fires at the non trukk boy squad and kills 5 with its large blast AP 6 shot although they do pass their leadership.
guardians, with there new found shooting abilities fire at the trukk boys, killing one with the scatter lazer and 4 with the shuriken volley due to the Orks making 5 6+ saves.

In the assault phase the wraithlord assaults the Deffcoptas, one wound is taken off in hammer of wrath and unfortunately not instant killing as the lord is now only strength 8 (9 with the ghostglaive),he takes another 3 wounds away in his initiative step and the last Copta runs away because 'his weapons are usless' and the wraithlord overruns it.

Eldar - 3
Orks - 0
(The Warboss looks longingly at the wraithlord)

Turn 2 - Orks


As shown by the previous picture the warboss decides the wraithlord looks like a tasty target and moves up in front of it. All the boys move up and the back boys run trying to get closer to that combat.

The front unit of boys take pot shots at the guardians killing 2, not enough to make a leadership test.

In the assault phase the warboss assaults the wraithlord, he tries to flame them but all saves are made. The boys assault the guardians with one dieing in overwatch and then 4 guardians falling to the mighty ork assault. the warboss challenges the wraithlord and whilst the wraithlord gets no wounds through the warboss slices through T8 like sliced bread.
At the end of the combat the Guardians fail leadership and get overrun by the orks for a reason i am yet to fathom?

Turn 2 - Eldar

Fortune and guide are both casted trying to keep the avengers alive mabye for one last turn although it is looking pretty bad for the Ulthwe strikeforce.

Nobody moves so to get the best firing positions and the shuriken is let loose.

The shadow weaver fires killing 4 ork boys from the rear squad whilst the quad gun fires by its self at the nobs killing one. At the back the Dire avengers fire at the boys in the back ranks slaughtering them all.

Eldar - 4
Orks - 2

Turn 3 - Orks

The hoard moves up and the Orks manage to kill 2 dire avengers and then proceed to charge over the barricades.
Overwatch is made against the Warboss and no wounds are caused, whilst the Warboss and his retinue get to the barricades the boys fail and the slaughter begins...........

The result of the charge :(
after the mass killing ended the dire avengers resolve broke and they fall back 4 inches (not quite off the board) and the Warboss consolidates 3 inches over the wall.

Turn 3 - Eldar

Regroup happens and phycic powers go off.
shadow weaver shoots at the boy squad and the nob and a boy dies only leaving one boy left who proceeds to pass morale.
the quad gun and avengers fire and remove another 3 wounds from the warboss squad leaving both models with one wound.
Eldar - 4
Orks - 2
Turn 4 - Orks

the last boy moves towards the shadow weaver whilst shooting but as usual fails to hit.
the boy declares an assualt on the support battery and the warboss on the dire avengers.
the support guardians kill the ork boy in overwatch.
meanwhile the avengers miss with everything and in a moment of pure triumph the farseer's singing spear hit the Warboss killing him after a failed save.
in the assault that followed the nob is killed by the dire avengers and........

The Eldar clear the board

The war torn battlefield at the end of the game

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Return of the guardians

Bell of Lost Souls has put up some great rumors, that if true will change peoples attitudes towards the humble Eldar guardian:

First up here's the Eldar Guardians:

Guardians (TROOPS) 10 Guardians @ 9 points apiece

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld8 Sv5+
Support Plattform : WS- BS- S- T5 W1 I- A -Ld- Sv3+

Special Rules

Old Nemesis, BattleFocus, Fleet.
Mesh armor, Shuriken catapult , Plasma grenades
May take up to 10 additional Guardians
For each 10 in the unit one can get one of the following weapon platforms:
-shuriken cannon
-scatter laser
-eldar missile launcher with plasma and starstrike rockets
May take a Wave Serpent as Dedicated transport

Storm Guardians (TROOPS) 10 Storm Guardians @ 9 points apiece

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld8 Sv5+

Special Rules

Old Nemesis, Battlefocus, Fleet.
Mesh armor, Shuriken pistol, Chainsword , Plasma grenades
May take up to 10 additional Guardians
Up to 2 may exchange their Shuriken pistol and Chainsword for one of the following weapons:
-fusion gun
Up to 2 may exchange their Chainsword for a:
May take a Wave Serpent as Dedicated transport

And the signature Eldar weapons at long last:
Shuriken Weapons

Shuriken pistol : 12" S4 AP5 pistol, Bladestorm
Shuriken catalpult : 12" S4 AP5 assault 2 Bladestorm
Avenger catapult : 18" S4 AP5 assault 2 Bladestorm
Shuriken cannon : 24" S6 AP5 assault 3 Bladestorm
Screamer cannon : 24" S6 AP5 assault 3 pinning, Bladestorm

Bladestorm : To-wound rolls of "6" automatically wound at AP2

Wow, I don't think guardians have EVER been BS4/WS4/I5. Basically you are paying an extra 1 point compared to now, for Aspect Warrior statlines, minus the armor and leadership + plus a boatload of grenades and special rules.

The Shuriken weapons look like they did indeed get their version of rending (so watch out termys), while keeping their painfully short range. It is going to take full use of that Battlefocus ability to shoot-run, or run-shoot to get the most out of this army. The players who maneuver best are going to be able to pull off miracles and drive their opponents nuts. The Eldar army does not look like its made to win an attritional game at all.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Eldar prices

With all the new stuff coming out i have found the approximate prices;I have used a cash converter from U.S Dollars and rounded up in true GW fashion
prices are as follows:

Codex Eldar £32
Iyanden Codex Supplement £32
Eldar Plastic Farseer £13
Eldar Wraithknight £75
Eldar Wraithguard(5) £32
Eldar Hemlock Fighter £45
Eldar Dire Avengers(5) £23
Eldar Battleforce £75
Eldar Jetbike Squad£26
Eldar Psychic Powers (Cards) £4.50
Eldar Spiritseer £12
Eldar Illic Nightspear £12

Codex worries

So its out
the new codex is coming and will be released on the 1st of June, just before my birthday!!!!!
the rumors are that there will be a new wraith MC and according to most people it looks like an anime style transformer which, if it is true i will be a tad disappointed about because anime is for Tau :(
also a new flyer will be coming so that's what i will be buying first.
only issue is price!!!
my god is this new stuff expensive the codex, like others will be £30 and the flyer £45 but the Wraithnight is £75 i can not afford to pay that much for a single model that is only 9 inches tall
and all this comes back to GW wanting as much money as they can get although as a profit wanting company you must respect their monetary needs.
the one thing we do get that is good is an awesome cover!!!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Tyranid Monstrous Creatures

Hi all
I am posting on behalf of a good friend down at the club.
At the club we play small games of 600pts and this lad in particular cant seem to scratch any army in the club
he uses a prime and warriors as his main hard hitting unit and gaunts with some hive guard to back up the ranks.
Everybody in the club keeps on telling him to use a monstrous creature but he wont due to points cost and I can see his point.
Any ideas on this front as he really needs some help

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

40k battle reports and an epic update

A bad day for Tau
GW school league championships

Hi all
I have recently been playing more games of 40k and started Warmachine at my local club 'The Barracks' and thus has influenced me to start making battle reports both on my Youtube channel.